How to Draw a Storm Trooper

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How to draw a Storm Trooper.

  1. Open Microsoft Paint or another Paint tool like Sketchbook.

2. Split Screen Microsoft Paint and this webpage to see steps clearly.

3. Vest

  • Draw 2 curved lines for the top of the uniform.
  • Draw 2 curved lines for the arms to stick out.
  • Draw 1 curved line for his utility belt.
  • Tips: I like to draw very thick lines over and over again to make the outline bold and it helps the Trooper look like he’s moving better.

4. Belt

  • Use the Fill bucket to turn the previous lines black.
  • Draw  1 curved line up to meet the vest.
  • Draw 1 line in the middle.
  • Draw 2 lines for sides.

5. Leg 1

  • Use the Fill bucket to turn the previous lines black.
  • Draw a small rectangle at the top of the leg to hold ammo.
  • Draw big Curved lines for the Trooper’s leg armor.
  • Draw 2 lines for the knee.
  • Draw 1 block for the foot.

6. Leg 2

  • Use the Fill bucket to color the finished leg black.
  • Using the same basic curved lines, draw long lines for the first half of the leg and then shorter lines for the bottom.
  • Draw this knee is slightly bent.
  • Tips: Remember, go over and over the lines to make the outline thick.

7.  Belt

  • Use the Fill bucket to turn the second leg black.
  • Add the rest of his bottom and some accent lines with your Paint Brush tool for his utility belt and knee.


8.  Shoulders, arms, and hands

  • Draw 3 Circles for his shoulder and 2 hands.
  • Make Curved lines connecting the hands, arms, and shoulders.

9.  Gun

  • Fill in the arms and shoulders with Black
  • Draw 1 small rectangle at the top of the gun scope.
  • Draw 1 long line for gun outline.
  • Draw 3 small lines for the gun barrel and trigger.
  • Draw 3 small lines for the handle.
  • Draw 2 small lines for the Trooper’s fingers.

10.  Shoulders and hands

  • Fill in the gun and fingers with black
  • Add more curved lines around the shoulders, elbow and hand.

11.  Body

  • Color all the lines with black.
  • Add more lines for a thick outline.
  • Use the eraser tool to make some parts thinner inside the body armor.
  • Save your picture to your Desktop to find it easily later.  Go to File, Save as, Trooper 1.png.


How to draw the Storm Trooper helmet.

1. Helmet

  • Open a new Paint file.
  • Use the Curved line tool or Paint brush tool and make the letter C facing downward.

2. Ears

  • Add the letter C for the helmet’s ears on either side of the helmet.
  • Tips: The helmet is NOT symmetrical because he’s looking to the side.  This makes him more realistic looking.  
  • Add a circle for his mouth piece.

3.  Bottom of helmet

  • Color previous pieces black
  • Add connecting pieces from his ears to his mouthpiece.  Make lines in shape of backward letter J.

4. Eyes, nose, neck

  • Draw wide letter U for his eyes.  They don’t have to be the same shape.
  • Draw 1 upside down wide letter C for his nose piece.
  • Draw another upside down wide letter C for his nose piece to connect to.
  • Draw 3 lines for his neck using the Curved Line tool or the Paint Brush tool.

5. Forehead

  • Color previous lines black.
  • Draw 2 Curved lines for his forehead.

6. Accent lines

  • Add 1 accent line over the Troopers nose.
  • Add 2 crooked accents lines over his cheeks.

7. Helmet

  • Use the Eraser tool to erase some of the outline of the helmet to make it thinner in some parts of the helmet.  You choose where to erase.  I like to leave thicker lines around the corners of the helmet.
  • Add 2 Circles at the end of your cheek accent lines.

8. Turn all lines black and go to File, Save as Helmet 1.png on your Desktop so you can find it easily later.  Now, let’s add the helmet to the body.

  • Go to Select, Select all, Copy.
  • Go to File, Open, Trooper 1.png.
  • Paste the Helmet 1 onto the head.
  • Reconnect the lines.  Save as Trooper 1.png.  Yes, the file already exists and yes, you can just save it with a head.


  • Save as Trooper 1.png.
  • Move the Storm Trooper into different poses and save each one as a separate file.
  • Open Movie Maker and Import pictures into Movie Maker.
  • Take the Duration of each picture down to .2 seconds so the pictures look as if they’re moving.
  • Add Title, credits, and captions and you have a moving Storm Trooper animation!
Trooper 1.png
Trooper 2.png He has moved his gun closer to his body.
Trooper 3.png. He has moved his leg and his vest is shaded.
Trooper 4.png. We are in the process of redrawing his legs, arms, and shading him differently.
Trooper 5.png. We have Flipped Horizontally this Trooper and he’s now searching for something beyond this hill.

Here’s another great how to draw Storm Trooper video:

More helmet pictures from the original Star Wars movie: