50 Facts about Harry Potter!

Easy way to draw Nagini!

We have 2 new ways to see the instructions.

Click on the Gallery pictures to see each drawing closer.

Our usual step-by-step directions are down is below.  Have fun!


Step 1.  Open Paint or another drawing tool online.  Draw 4 circles.

Step 2.  Draw 2 long curved lines as the snake’s neck connected to the head circle at the top of the body

Step 3. Draw a large circle to the left of the snake.

Step 4.  Draw a small circle to the left of the snake’s neck and a long flat circle to the right and in the back of the snake.  This will be more of his tail.

Step 5. Draw a Curved Line connecting the snakes tail.

Step 6.  I love using the Eraser! Start erasing around the snake’s tail.

Step 7.  Make a little curve at the top of the snake’s tail.  Next, draw curved lines around the left circle of the tail.

Step 8.  Erase and all extra lines.  Add 3 little lines to the end of the snake’s tail.

Step 9.  Add 2 curved lines for the snake’s tongue.  Add 1 curved line for the top of his mouth.

Step 10.  Erase extra line in mouth to make the mouth open.  Make 2 fangs downward.  

Step 11.  Make 1 circle for the snake’s eye.  Make the another curved line tongue on top of the first.  Connect the back of the cheek.

Step 12.  Coloring!

Step 13.  Draw a light green line down the snake’s neck to color one half of the snake light green and the other half dark green.

Step 14.  The arrows here show where to add black to make the snake more realistic looking.

Step 15. The arrows here show where to add light green again to make Nagini look a little more realistic.

Step 16.  Save your snake by going to File, Save as, Snake 1.png or jpg or gif.  I like saving to my Desktop to find the picture more easily later.

Wands and Wizards

We love Wizards and Wands!

Register for our class at CVCC this summer for many magical creatures adventures.  Steps to draw your own Wizard below.

The top 3 greatest wizards of all times?

1) Merlin (Arthurian Myth and Legend)

Wow! Everyone has heard of Merlin! I think he started his career in fairy tales like the Sword in the Stone and he continues today in many tales and media. He is one of the most reproduced characters of all time. 

2) Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit)

Reminds me of Merlin, Gandalf is J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth wizarding expert.  He doesn't work miracles, instead he's a fighting wizard with a staff and lots of sage advice.

3) Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter Books)

Dumbledore doesn't disappoint! If you're looking for a wizard that is casting spells with a wand, look no further than Albus Dumbledore.  He has a wondrous office with loads of cool instruments, a phoenix, and spell props everywhere.  He makes the greatest effects onscreen and he's loveable!

Draw your own Wizard with our simple steps!

1. The hat.  The Wizard is hat is so important. Pointy and slouchy is how I like to draw it.  Tips: The thicker the black lines the better.  Go over and over black lines with more black lines.

2. The face outline.  Use the Straight Line tool to make the face and mustache.  Use the Paint Brush to make his hair. Tips: The Curved Line tool may be hard to use at first, but keep practicing.  Go over and over your black lines to make a thick outline.

3. Use the Circle tool to make the top of the Wizard's staff.  Draw the staff's long shaft with the Paint Brush tool.  Tips: The staff is old, wooden and has lots of bumps and knots so don't use the Straight Line tool.

4. Draw a big long beard.  Tips: Use Paint Brush and go over and over the beard to make it bumpy.

5. Draw a long circle shape for his hand and then draw a larger circle shape for his arm.  Finally, draw two long lines downward and connect them at the bottom for his robes. Tips: You can use the Straight Line tool.

6. Make a skirt for the bottom of his robes. Tips: Use your Straight Line tool.

7. With the Paint Brush tool, make a square shape for the Wizard's elbow and a belt and lines for the Wizard's chest.

8. Make a couple more lines for the bottom of the Wizard's robes and then two feet poking out of the bottom with triangles.

9.  Make a small triangle and then a bigger rectangle for the Wizard's sleeve.

10.  Make a bigger half Circle for the Wizard's bottom sleeve with a couple of lines that will make his robes look more realistic.

11.  Make the Wizard's hand.  Tips: Make a Straight line and then the letter C.  Connect with Paint Brush strokes and just 1 line representing his fingers.

12.  Draw the rest of the Wizard's staff with the Paint Brush tool. Tips: the Wizard's staff is bumpy and very old.  It's seen many battles and should be bumpy and uneven.

13.  Draw the Wizard's hand clutching the top of the staff.  Make a C shape and add just 3 lines for his fingers.

14.  Start coloring! Using the Fill bucket, color the top of the staff Yellow and the Wizard's hat blue.  Dark grey fills his hair and light grey for his beard.

15.  Grey blue for his robes and dark brown for his staff.  A different shade of blue for the front of his hat makes it look more realistic.



More tutorials?

Want more Wizard tutorials?  Here's simple directions for an evil looking wizard. Enjoy!