Digital Animation Minions Workshop

Schedule your workshop to draw & animate Minions!

I can’t wait to see Despicable Me 3!  Check out our Minion drawing and animation tips below…

  • Easy Minion animation ideas.
  • How to draw a Minion step by step.
  • Minion links.

Two Minions

How to Draw a Minion:


Steps for an easy digital animation:

  1. Draw your Minion online using MS Paint or SketchBook
  2. Save your file as Minion1.jpg or Minion1.gif or Minion1.png to your Desktop.
  3. Use the Fill tool to fill in the background color with Red or Orange.  Save as Minion2.
  4. Next, use the Fill tool again to change your background color to Green or Yellow, save as Minion3.
  5. Keep making little changes and saving as a new file.
  6. When you have at least 5 files, Import your Files into a movie editor, like Microsoft Movie Maker.
  7. Speed up the Duration in the Edit tab to .3 seconds.
  8. Save as a movie file and publish to social media.