Boss Baby is coming!

Do you draw like a Boss?

Schedule your Boss Baby Workshop for 3 hrs. of digital animation fun!

Make a Boss Baby animation!

  1. Open Ms Paint or another Paint Editor and follow the steps below to draw Boss Baby.
  2. After you draw his outline, color him in using your Fill Bucket.
  3. Save the first Boss Baby with no color in the background as BossBaby1.jpg or other picture file to your Desktop.
  4. Using your Fill Bucket, color the other backgrounds Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple, saving each one as a simple file. You will have about 6 files of different BossBaby.
  5. Open Microsoft Movie Maker and Import your pictures.
  6. Speed up the Duration of your picture files to .2 seconds each.
  7. Save as a Movie file and share online!

Now that you have some files to work with, open Microsoft Paint.