How to Draw a Boxer Jumping Rope

Love jump rope – watch this team and then draw a Boxer jumping rope.

Draw a Boxer jumping rope.

Is the Boxer getting ready for the fight of his life – like Rocky?  Is he in training for another sport? Is he in a comeback story?  Everyone loves an underdog… maybe he’s not supposed to win his next fight and he is training extra hard?

How to Draw a Boxer.

  1. Use the Circle tool and make 3 circles for the Boxer’s head and 2 shoulders.

2. Use the Straight Line tool and connect the Circles.  The Lines represent the Boxer’s body.  Draw 2 Rectangles for his legs and 2 for his feet.

3. Draw more Circles for elbows, hands, and knees.

4. Use the Curved Line tool to draw lines around the Boxer. Tip: Draw the lines over and over again so there are thick lines.

5. Erase all of the inside shapes and lines.

6. Draw a Select box around the Boxer’s one side.  Next, Copy, Paste, go to Rotate and Flip Horizontal.  Now move the two sides together for a perfect reflection.  Go over and over the lines with your Curved Line tool so your lines look really thick.  Make shorts over your Boxer with the Straight Line tool and Boxing boots.  For the boots just make little slashes with your Paint Brush tool.  Make lines for his muscles too.

7.  Use the Fill Bucket to make his shorts red with a black, grey and dark grey belt.  Use a brownish color for his overall skin color.

8.  Remember to redraw lines over and over the Boxer’s body to make his outline thick.  Also, we are going to make the outside of his body a little darker shaded skin color to make him more realistic.

9.  To make his skin a little darker on the sides of his body, go to Edit colors and choose a shade darker.  Then click Add to Custom Colors and outline the Boxers outside chest and arms with the darker shade.

10.  Using the Circle tool, make a black outline for an eye.  Make one side of the eye extra thick black lines, then use the Fill bucket to make the eye Brown.  Next, add another black circle and white circle.  When you have your eye just the way you like it, draw a Select box around the eye and Copy/Paste.  Move the eyes into position.  Use the Paint Brush tool to make the Boxer’s hair.  Use the Rectangle tool to make a Rectangle mouth with little lines for his smile.

11.  Use the Curved Line tool to make a jump rope above the Boxer.  Save the Boxer as Boxer1.png to your Desktop or another folder on your computer where you will find it easily.

12.  Now let’s make another picture of the Boxer.  Erase the top of the Boxer’s jump rope.

13.  Redraw the line across the Boxer’s face. Save as Boxer 2.png.

14. Erase the old line and make the new line across the Boxer’s body.

15. Erase the line and redraw the line across the Boxer’s shorts.  Save as Boxer 3.png.

16. Redraw the Boxer’s jump rope around his feet.  Save as Boxer 4.png.

17.  Erase the lines around the Boxer’s legs and redraw behind his legs.  Save as Boxer 5.png.

18.  Let’s draw his arms moving up to swing the jump rope over his head.  Just draw a Select box around his arm and Rotate 180 degrees and redraw to make the arm look realistic.

19. Now draw a Select box around the new arm pointing up and go to Copy/Paste.  You will have 2 sides of his body.  Go to Rotate, Flip Horizontal and you will have a matching other side of the Boxer’s body.

Move into position.  Erase extra arms, change his smile into a frown, and make frowning eyebrows.

20. Save as Boxer 6.png.

21. Make the Boxer raise his leg by drawing a Select box around his leg and moving it upwards.  Reconnect the lines and save as Boxer 7.png.

22. Move his mouth and eyes and save as Boxer 8.png.

23. Move his other leg, aake another face and more accent lines.  Save as Boxer 9.png.

24.  Open Microsoft Movie Maker.

Import the Boxer pictures and speed up the Duration of each picture.  Copy and Paste your pictures to use them over and over again.  This will make your short video longer.  Save as a movie!

Author: Stephanie

Everything I learned in my professional career thus far has helped me build simple, image based lessons for my Pixar generation students. After I graduated from college, I moved to Atlanta and starting working as a technology consultant. I traveled across the country installing help desk systems. I was in the role of trainer and explainer and told our clients in plain English what we were installing and how it would help them do business. I wrote manuals and did a lot of hand holding. I always believed that technology was a great equalizer and it doesn’t care if you are popular or you can run fast or if you’re having a bad day. With tech skills you can build anything and to learn tech is everything. It’s not that hard! It just had to be broken down correctly. I knew I could teach tech to kids if I made it fun enough. In 2002, I went back to school and received a masters in public management and IT from Carnegie Mellon University to help my journey.

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