Draw a Great White Shark!

Animate a Great White Shark

Watch our how-to video here for step by step instructions….


Welcome to our animated version of Shark Week.  This the safest kind of shark week because we are in control- drawing our water, shark, fish, and whatever else our imagination asks of us.  First, I’ll take you step-by-step drawing each Great White Shark.  Next, we animate him  as he swims across the ocean floor.  Finally, we are going to draw a little orange fish who is going to have his turn swimming until Great White eats him for lunch! Yummy!

We are creating our digital drawings in Microsoft Paint or if you have Mac, PaintBrush, and then putting all of our digital drawings into Movie Maker.   Tips:  When we save our work, always try to Save As to the Desktop so we can easily find our pictures that we’ve worked so hard to create.




Now let’s make him move!

Using the Fill bucket, fill in the area around the Shark with blue water and go to File, Save As, Shark 1.png or jpg (picture files).

Go to the Select box, draw a large square all around the shark and move him up and over.

When you’re done moving him, you see a blank space.  Using your Fill bucket, color the white with blue and go to File, Save As, Shark 2.png.

Move him again for Shark 3 and Shark 4.

Here he is moving almost all the way out of the scene… for Shark 5.png.

You’re saving all of these picture files on your Desktop as separate files to find them easily soon!

Save this last file as Shark 6.png… you can barely see his tail!

Now let’s put everything into Movie Maker.

Now let’s speed up the Duration of the files, so the shark looks as if he’s swimming!  Select all of your shark pictures and then click on the Edit tab. There is a section called Duration which defaults to 7 seconds per picture. That’s way too slow for our shark!  Erase it and type in .2 seconds.  The pictures will all move quickly and the shark will dart off screen.  You may want to copy and paste your pictures over and over for a longer movie!

Great job! Next time- let’s add a shark eating a fish!

Draw Hulk, puny human.

Draw Hulk!

Using Sketchbook, Paint (in your Microsoft Accessories folder), or PaintBrush (on your Mac), draw Hulk in these easy steps.

  1. First, his fist is in the foreground, so let’s start there.  I use the Circle tool first and make 4 little circles for his knuckles all in Black and then I follow over in thick Green Pencil.  Make 4 long curved lines for his bent fingers and then a big line for the bottom of his hand. Next, add his wrist. Everything is big because he’s Hulk!  I retrace everything over and over.  I use Zoom In to make small details and then Zoom Out to 25% to drag my canvas to a bigger size to accommodate for drawing getting bigger and bigger.  This makes his skin look more realistic rather than just like a shape.

2.  I add Curved lines to make his bent arm and elbow.  Everything is round because of his muscles.

3.  Add shoulder and side.  Retrace and retrace – go over and over all your lines with your Curved line tool or your Pencil tool.  

4. Draw the outline of Hulk’s head using Black and your Pencil.  Next, I go over the lines with Green and leave a little bit of the Black showing to make depth and realistic.5. Putting it together, I fill in his mouth with Black and leave a bumpy row white for his teeth.  I put a tiny triangle of pink for his tongue. I make round bumps for his shoulder.

6.  Let’s add arm and fist.

7. Let’s add his legs, feet, and pants.  First in Black and then in Purple.  Retrace.

8.  Add Fill color and Accent colors.  Save as Hulk1.png.  I used different shades of Green, Grey, Olive, and Black.