50 Facts about Harry Potter!

Easy way to draw Nagini!

We have 2 new ways to see the instructions.

Click on the Gallery pictures to see each drawing closer.

Our usual step-by-step directions are down is below.  Have fun!


Step 1.  Open Paint or another drawing tool online.  Draw 4 circles.

Step 2.  Draw 2 long curved lines as the snake’s neck connected to the head circle at the top of the body

Step 3. Draw a large circle to the left of the snake.

Step 4.  Draw a small circle to the left of the snake’s neck and a long flat circle to the right and in the back of the snake.  This will be more of his tail.

Step 5. Draw a Curved Line connecting the snakes tail.

Step 6.  I love using the Eraser! Start erasing around the snake’s tail.

Step 7.  Make a little curve at the top of the snake’s tail.  Next, draw curved lines around the left circle of the tail.

Step 8.  Erase and all extra lines.  Add 3 little lines to the end of the snake’s tail.

Step 9.  Add 2 curved lines for the snake’s tongue.  Add 1 curved line for the top of his mouth.

Step 10.  Erase extra line in mouth to make the mouth open.  Make 2 fangs downward.  

Step 11.  Make 1 circle for the snake’s eye.  Make the another curved line tongue on top of the first.  Connect the back of the cheek.

Step 12.  Coloring!

Step 13.  Draw a light green line down the snake’s neck to color one half of the snake light green and the other half dark green.

Step 14.  The arrows here show where to add black to make the snake more realistic looking.

Step 15. The arrows here show where to add light green again to make Nagini look a little more realistic.

Step 16.  Save your snake by going to File, Save as, Snake 1.png or jpg or gif.  I like saving to my Desktop to find the picture more easily later.

Author: Stephanie

Everything I learned in my professional career thus far has helped me build simple, image based lessons for my Pixar generation students. After I graduated from college, I moved to Atlanta and starting working as a technology consultant. I traveled across the country installing help desk systems. I was in the role of trainer and explainer and told our clients in plain English what we were installing and how it would help them do business. I wrote manuals and did a lot of hand holding. I always believed that technology was a great equalizer and it doesn’t care if you are popular or you can run fast or if you’re having a bad day. With tech skills you can build anything and to learn tech is everything. It’s not that hard! It just had to be broken down correctly. I knew I could teach tech to kids if I made it fun enough. In 2002, I went back to school and received a masters in public management and IT from Carnegie Mellon University to help my journey.

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